Every good gift

As we go through life, many of us are excellent at noticing and trying to protect ourselves against what is wrong or bad.  However, if we don’t force ourselves to, we will rarely spare a thought for what is right and good in the things and people we come across.  Basically, we become experts at studying the dark while remaining mostly oblivious to the light that is also all around us.

Decide to become an expert at spotting what is right, good and true – where ever that good pops up!  After all, if something is true, it’s true whether it comes out of the mouth of the pope or of Brittany Spears.  So, don’t worry that something isn’t 100% right – value whatever portion of it that is right.  After all, any good we come across exists because of God who has created every good thing.  So it’s only right that we should grab whatever bit of good we come across and value it when we see it.

Here’s a great way to practice recognizing the good things that come across our path:  read or watch a politician or activist who you disapprove of.  Leave your opinions aside for the moment and listen for anything they say that you could agree with and take note of that.  Remember, good comes from God, so resist the urge to simply dismiss or explain away this point of agreement.  Instead, be glad for whatever good you find.  If you practice, you will start noticing more of what is good and be effected less by what isn’t.  Which is fantastic because noticing what is good makes us much happier than fixating on what it bad.

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