Change and Brain Habits

So often, we mean to change, but our brain won’t cooperate.  We will do our best to let go of or forgive something only to have the same thoughts and feelings show up again and again.  Or we determine to do or not do something but we keep getting pulled off course by forgetfulness or temptation or habit.  If we don’t know better, we will assume that this is a sign that we haven’t really changed at all.  Sometimes there is more work that needs to be done before you can really change.  However, often your brain  is simply traveling well worn ruts out of habit.  It doesn’t mean anything beyond that.

We’ve all had the experience of changing jobs or moving and then catching ourselves mindlessly turning in the direction of the old job or house while out driving.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re yearning for that old house or job.  It’s just our brain’s “muscle memory” kicking in.  Because that’s how our brain works.

So, if you have been genuinely trying to change, let go or forgive and your brain isn’t cooperating, don’t be too alarmed.  Just take the way-ward thought to God with this message: “I found this wandering through my head and I believe this is your problem to deal with now.”  Repeat as needed.

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