Ways To Pray For An Enemy

1. “Lord, please make this idiot stop being a moron.”


2. “Lord, please help this person stop doing terrible things.”


3. “Lord, please turn this person’s heart towards you so he can change.”


4. “Lord, help me show this person your ways through how I deal with him.”


5. “Father, if it fits with your will, please bring a miracle to this person and open his eyes to all that is good.  He needs it, as we all do, and it is my desire for him.”


6. “Father, if you desire, allow me to be a tool you use to heal this person’s heart.”


7. “Father God, please show me your heart for this person so I can learn to love him the way that you love him.”








3 thoughts on “Ways To Pray For An Enemy

  1. “Dear father, I cannot hide my heart from you; you know I do not mean it, but please put in my heart the desire pray for him…..”


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