Why I am an Idiot

I just read a blogger commenting on how people who are strongly intuitive can be really bad at seeing the obvious even though they are really good at seeing what’s going on beneath the surface.  Boy-oh-boy is that me!  It’s probably why I have such a high tolerance for messes and have taken so long to become a somewhat average housekeeper.  I can spend 10 minutes with a person and figure out what their relationship with their father is like, but I can walk past toys on the stairs for days without paying attention if I’m not careful.  This blogger even posits that kids who are naturally intuitive take much longer to potty-train because they don’t pay as much attention to sensory input – including from their own bodies.  Ahem.  Sorry mom!

Interestingly, I think that the internet has been a huge boon for those of us who have introverted-intuitive personalities.  A few years back, when Rod Dreher was still blogging at beliefnet, he put up a post linking to an online Myer’s Brigg’s Personality Inventory and invited readers to leave their personality type in the comments.  Overwhelmingly – I’d say at least 80% – the commenters were Introverted Intuitive.  Which is remarkable given how unusual Introverted Intutive personalities are.  Somewhere between 8-12% of people have this personality type.  I know that the internet has had an outsized influence on my world precisely because I have this unusual personality type.  I’m intensely interested in ideas but finding other people who want to talk about religion, personalities, philosophy and such in real life is tough.  However, on the internet, it’s easy enough to find other people who share such fixations that a fairly popular blogger could have a readership made up almost entirely of other oddballs like me.  (Rod is blogging at The American Conservative these days, btw.  And he’s still a very good blogger, imo!)

I would love to hear from others – what is your personality type?  (If you don’t know your Myers Brigg’s Personality Type, there’s an online inventory you can use here.)

2 thoughts on “Why I am an Idiot

  1. I’m an INFP, and this really resonates. I feel so at home on the internet — writing is a natural way to process my thoughts, and I love it that I can let people in just as far as i feel comfortable, and then walk away from the computer. And yes, I’m very intuitive, can zoom right in to the deep issues in people’s hearts, but I literally don’t see the things that don’t interest me (like basic physical stuff)

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