Practice Forgiveness Day!

Being forgiven = Freedom

Forgiving = Freedom

Pick a day this week to deliberately forgive anything and everything that bugs you.

Traffic?  “I forgive you idiots for being in my way. I forgive the morons who designed the road system while under the influence of socialist drug addicts during their brutalist period.  I forgive my brakes for screetching.”

(FYI – Name calling is tolerated, but not encouraged on forgiveness day.  It’s not really forgiving if you’re still pissed about it!)

Forgive everyone and everything that crosses your path the wrong way for the day.  Forgetful children?  Forgiven.  Gum chewing co-workers?  Forgiven.  Snippy spouses and a car on the side of the road?  Do your best to forgive even them that day.

For this activity to work, it’s not enough to just stuff your normal irritation, anger or hurt – that‘s not healthy!  You have to actually forgive and let things go.  If it helps, you are sure to have the chance to be mad about all of these things again in life, so you can spare this one day to just let it go, right?   It’s for a good cause!

Forgive little things so when you need to forgive something big, you’ll know how.

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