Does the Body Have Faith to Share?

It’s not pretty, but here is where I am:

I have waited on God for years and he has not answered me. He has not provided for me or defended me. I followed Him always and He took me to places that have turned my life into a nightmare. So I counted it as a blessing and kept walking according to His way, hopeful that He would lead me through the wilderness. When I could not walk anymore, I waited faithfully for the rescue He promises us. But He has not come. I no longer have any hope that He is coming. I have been faithful well past the point of making myself a fool in the eyes of the world. Now I am overcome by despair and do not believe God is coming for me. Perhaps there is faith left in the body of Christ that can petition God for me because there is no faith left in me.

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  1. I think you may be reaching the point where you are realising that the way the world/universe/reality actually is is not the way that you want it to be or the way you’ve been told it is since childhood.

    It might be time to grasp the nettle and realise that there may be a kernel of truth in what science is continually discovering and in what enlightened philosphers have been saying for centuries:

    There is no god and there is no real evidence whatsoever for a god like being.

    It’s time to realise that we, both as individuals and communally, are the responsible agents for the lives we lead and the effects that we have. We have no-one else to blame and no-one else to turn to, other than the knowledge we have accumulated through scientific endeavour.

    Believe me, it is an incredibly liberating and enabling conclusion.

  2. Here’s where I am at with God, man and responsibility:
    I believe that there is a God. I haven’t just bought into what I was taught; I have had my own experiences which led me to this conclusion and I also look to the testimony of humanity through out the ages. People will often claim that belief in God is the result of people’s fear of death and meaninglessness (is that a word?). However, religions are rarely tilted towards things that would be very comforting; they demand discipline and sacrifice and obedience – all hard things for human beings. And religion often heightens fear of death rather than relieves it. If death comes and then nothing, as you have discovered, that is something we can make peace with. But the idea that death comes before judgement has created a great deal of fear in people’s lives. So, religion tells us to do things we don’t want to do and that we will be held accountable for doing those things we want to do. It hardly seems like something constructed to serve our own desires. Yet it persists and many otherwise sane, intelligent people who have dedicated themselves to following the Divine have been willing to testify to their own experiences with God. So I don’t find the argument that there is no God persuasive.

    What I do find persuasive is the idea that we humans are falling down on the job. So many people are waiting for a magical being to drop down out of the sky to set everything right. But we were given dominion over the earth. It’s our job to settle it, domesticate it when appropriate and do the work that needs to be done for us to live happily with each other while here. It’s our job to love each other and help each other in times of need. We aren’t supposed to be just sitting on the ground telling each other that God is going to show up and rescue us. We’re supposed to be showing each other how God would like to bless, comfort and rescue them by blessing, rescuing and comforting each other. The bible says that we cannot love God who we have not seen if we do not love our brother who we do see. When we claim to love God while not doing whatever we can to love, comfort and rescue people around us, we are liars. Not only that, but we cannot understand what it means to love God until we learn to love each other. It’s like trying to learn to play the piano by sitting there waiting for the keys to show you how to move them.

    Frankly, at this point I think we are doing such a lousy job of loving each other that God would almost rather have us all lose faith in Him if that’s what it takes for us to begin taking responsibility for the effect that we are having on each other. I point my “blame” at God because He’s the one who set this thing up, but really when ever I sit in prayer, what I am shown is that God has called on and tried to touch the hearts of many people who could open doors, offer encouragement and even a bit of assistance but no one is listening or willing to move outside of their own safety zones. People want God’s will to be their own and refuse to listen when He’s trying to tell us to do something we hadn’t thought of doing or which doesn’t fit with our own ideas about how God works. So people look at those who have lost faith and condemn them when really, its humanity and the church’s own fault for failing to love properly.

  3. Rebecca, from some of your previous posts, I get the idea that all is not well in your family, with your husband, and now you are discouraged and blaming “God” as well as “many people who could open doors, offer encouragement and even a bit of assistance” for failing you. Maybe I’m reading more into your post than you intended but it sounds like a call for help.

    There are very few individuals on this earth who might personally be able to give you and your family what you need to heal – the best individuals can do is usually provide some short term help. As you no doubt know, there are mutliple groups of people who have banded together and are equipped to provide longer term help for those with various needs. Have you availed yourself of the various social services organizations that are out there seeking to help those with various needs?

    I don’t really know your situation – maybe you’ve tried to get help from organizations and they’ve failed you. I truly hope this is not the case – but if so, try again and be humble and honest about your situation.

    God comes to people through His creatures. You obviously believe this as you state “So many people are waiting for a magical being to drop down out of the sky to set everything right. . . It’s our job to love each other and help each other in times of need.” Seek help from those who are organized to provide help – they do exist. A search on the Internet can provide contact information for numerous groups who are dedicated to helping others.

  4. mehelper, fortunately I am a very competent person and have been doing what I need to do and can do to make sure we’re ok physically. Even if I end up as the poorest American, which is unlikely, we will still be among the richest and most privileged human beings in all existence. If that were my main issue, then I guess I’d be stressed, but not despondent.
    Perhaps that’s part of the problem; we say we are spiritual people, but we live and think like purely physical people. Yes, physical needs are important, but so is encouragement. So is the voice of experience. So is support. So is prayer. Sometimes a helping hand is more encouragement than a handful of cash. People who keep promises and commitments they make.
    Heck, if a couple of people who read the blog regularly said, I’ve passed your blog or info about your book to other people I know who I think would enjoy what you have to say, that would carry me for a week. Hell, a book sale a couple times a week would snow ball into not needing financial assistance at all. That is the one argument against government paid assistance that I think has a lot of merit: people think that because there are mechanisms in place to help people from having a 100% mortality rate when life slams them into the concrete, there is nothing else anyone can or even should to do help out people going through a hard time. As if a check from the government could give anyone what their hearts need or desire at all.

  5. Rebecca, thank you for your post. My heart goes out to you, but I find it unbelievabley unfortunate. I came across your blog last night, I searched the verse “my yoke is easy, my burden is light” your blog came up, not only were your words powerful and a display of God, so were the comments, I teared up out of gratitude that many know God as I have come to know him.

    Now its tonight, I was inspired to read something and thought to myself, let me read rebecca and her “upside down world” I then see this post. Now yes I know the posts were 2 years b/w each other, but wow. I am 27 have walked with God increasingly more faithfully for almost 5 years. His love, his power and way of life are increasingly more revealed and when I think life couldn’t get better it does. And I don’t mean the things that happen in life, bad shit happens, but the peace beyond all understanding that lies beneath it all, every moment. If I am thinking backwards blaming God and incapable of looking within but focusing on what others are doing I am in trouble. It isn’t always easy following Gods wayn but God loves us so much and WANTS us to do things and live a life full of joy as well as remain obedient. My advice to you and I know you didn’t ask but I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t say it, is to stop looking outside yourself of what isn’t happening and look within of what needs to be changed. And I notice your blog post reflecting of you not trusting in Gods will and you stating what you feel God should have done already or do… We need to quit playing God, it doesn’t work. Only when we are free from resentment, self-pity, fear, guilt, shame and remorse, can Gods power love life and light shine through us continually transforming us and give us the power to Help others. Much love, I hope you find your way back to Him.. His yoke is easy, burden is light. God bless

  6. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” – Jesus

    “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning?” – David (Psalm 22)

    How long, O LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save? – Habakkuk 1:2

    Why did I ever come out of the womb to see trouble and sorrow and to end my days in shame? – Jeremiah 20:18

    But Zion said, “The LORD has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.” – Isaiah 49:14

    Why, O LORD, do you reject me and hide your face from me? – Psalm 88:14

    There is a reason these sorts of passages are found throughout scriptures. Christians need to encourage each other, but we have GOT to stop shaming people for those times when pain and suffering brings them to the point of despair. Jesus himself knew what it was like to be so overwhelmed by his suffering that he accused God of leaving him alone and unprotected. When we do not allow each other to express these sentiments, we do not stop people from feeling them; we just make them suffer in silence. Sometimes life is truly too much for us. Sometimes God seems to be failing us and although in our heads we know that God is faithful, our hearts see no evidence of it and break. The body has been told to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). Sometimes a person really does need to be told to buck up and stop feeling sorry for themselves, but more often we need to resist the urge to deny a person’s trouble and pain and do like Job’s friends after God chastised them: “They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble the Lord had brought upon him” – Job 42:11.

  7. Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t taking shot at you or shaming you, sorry you took it the wrong way. I believe we all have our own experience,you are in my prayers just hang on and fall back into Gods love. God bless! Great blog.

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