Sins against the Holy Spirit

Going all theological on ya again!  At one point Jesus says that the one sin which will not be forgiven is the sin against the Holy Spirit.  But no one seems to know what the sin against the Holy Spirit is.  I would say that first of all, the sin must be one that is not repented of.  If we ask for forgiveness, it is given.  Period.  But does this mean that any-ole sin that we don’t repent of is a sin against the Holy Spirit?  Because that would be a real problem.  What if we forgot some of our sins?  What if we didn’t realize we had even made a mistake that could be considered a sin?  That doesn’t seem right either.

So, since the sin is against the Holy Spirit, let’s consider what the Holy Spirit does.  The Holy Spirit has been sent as a comfort and a teacher.  It takes time and patience and practice for most of us to learn to hear the Holy Spirit.  And one of the things that the Holy Spirit does is tell us to repent.  How does the Holy Spirit tell us to repent?  Sometimes the signal comes from outside of ourselves.  It’s heard where there is suffering, oppression, and fear.  When we see or hear people that say they are suffering, that is a sign that we’re getting something wrong and need to start looking for a better way of doing things.  When we ignore those who are suffering, we are ignoring the Holy Spirit calling us to repentance.  And just like in our own lives, we do not always know how to do what we know we should be doing, we at least need to recognize that it is sin.  A solution may be a long way off, but in the meantime, we still need to repent.  Other times the Holy Spirit tells us to repent by making us uncomfortable with what we are doing.  Sometimes we know that our discomfort indicates sin.  And we need to repent when that happens, even if you don’t know how to change or don’t think you can.  God understands that even doing our best we will fall short which is why He declared sin a non-issue for those who repent.  Unfortunately, many of us assume that our discomfort is something to overcome.  We’ve been told that something is supposed to work a certain way, but there is something deep in us that knows its wrong.  But because we think we know how its supposed to work, we ignore the Spirit deep in us that is screaming out “no!”

So, I would posit that the sin against the Holy Spirit is when we do something that we know is wrong or causes pain and suffering or support things that are wrong and cause pain and suffering but will not repent.  If we know its wrong, and we do it anyways without repenting even in our own hearts, that is a sin that God can not forgive.  For all practical purposes, we are choosing to do evil and are committed to it.  It can’t be forgiven because it has been willfully held back from Jesus’ offer of forgiveness.  And if we do it while pointing to God, don’t think that He will understand.  God wants us to know Him and when we willfully reject His way which is love and ascribe it to Him, we rejecting Him as He is in favor of god as we would have Him be.  The good news is that any sin can be repented of whether it can be fixed or not.  There is no sin which is automatically a sin against the Holy Spirit.  But we must beware because the sins we are least likely to repent of are the ones we commit when we blame God for our actions and attitudes.  In order to avoid this sin, we Christians would do well to take the safe route of unconditional love for all people.  When we get good enough at that, perhaps we can be trusted to try our hand at showing others the way to go.  Because if we make a mistake out of an abundance of love, that is an easy sin to repent of.  At least that’s my theory. 😉

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  1. So are you talking about the unforgivable sin? There is only one sin that is unforgivable. Jesus died for the sins of the world – so ask yourself – what sin would not be able to be covered in that? The only sin which God cannot forgive is the rejection of Himself. Which you will find hard since you are a UV, but to me it has always made logical sense. He cannot, will not force you to love him or accept Him. And if you reject the Holy Spirits prompting to salvation, and refuse the gift of God, which is Christ, that is the only sin he cannot forgive! I am with you on the fact that He will draw all men unto Himself…. but I don’t believe He will force them in the door! Most I believe will choose Him , especially those who did not have the chance in this life to hear of Him, but those who have knowingly fought against Him, will probably reject His offer.

    1. Tracy, if I may make a suggestion, perhaps you might want to consider asking God to help you read the scriptures with new eyes. You seem to be under the impression that you (or someone else, perhaps God himself) had issued the definitive guide to the meaning of scripture that all good, true Christians must give allegiance to. And nothing could be further from the truth. Further, it is the height of arrogance to think that any human is even capable of understanding God and his ways in their fullness.

      In reality, what the sin against the Holy Spirit is has ALWAYS been a point of disagreement among Christians. You seem to take offense at the very idea of this unforgivable sin unless it is defined according to the traditions of men that are common in these days. But the scripture says what it says – not what you want it to say or think it should say or what your pastor tells you it says. And what is says is vague and confusing and thus, has been and continues to be a point of confusion and disagreement. The best any of us can do is offer our own understanding of what it might be. Which is what I did here. It’s an understanding that is faithful both to the text and to the Christian faith as I know it from lived experience and my own relationship with God through Christ in the Holy Spirit. (I explore this topic further here, in fact:

      If it doesn’t float your boat, well, only time will tell anyways. If you have a god who would reject me and withdraw himself from me or you for misunderstanding his ways, well that’s a pretty shitty god to have.

      1. wow – that’s harsh. It was written in a hurry, but didn’t think it was that offensive! Far from thinking God is pathetic, I did mention that I think that most WILL indeed be saved, apart from those who flat out refuse Him. I believe that right throughout scripture we see God giving those who hear the Gospel, a choice to accept or reject it. That is the ONLY sin that Christ cannot die for – our open rejection of his Spirit in us to create in us a clean heart – the new creation. If you are offended by that, well that is your choice, but it is my opinion. I am not here to create arguments, but love discussion and debate around the hard issues. If I came across as saying it was ‘dogma’ and you had better believe it – i am sorry for that. LIke i said, I was in a hurry and didn’t word it well. So question – would you still choose Christ if you were wrong? Opinion is just that. Opinion. I don’t hang my faith on it. Christ crucified i do.

    2. Also, if you think that God is so pathetic and did such a bad job both in creating us and in redeeming us that there are people who will not want Him, your ideas about God are far too meek and mild. Why would God have to force people through the door in order to win back all of what he has created? Do you really mean to say that he is not perfectly capable of and willing to win back the hearts of every fragment of his creation? Do you really mean to argue, against scripture, that the work of Satan (the fall) is irresistible, unavoidable and universal, but that the work of Christ is not? Did you choose to be born into sin? The idea that God is somehow unable or unwilling to win the entirety of his creation back without force is not worthy of the mighty God I know and worship.

  2. “So, I would posit that the sin against the Holy Spirit is when we do something that we know is wrong or causes pain and suffering or support things that are wrong and cause pain and suffering but will not repent. If we know its wrong, and we do it anyways without repenting even in our own hearts, that is a sin that God can not forgive.”

    So….. on that premise… every time we sin, we sin against the HS, and God won’t forgive that sin unless we recall it and repent of it. What did Christ die for then? When i last checked, it was ALL sin for ALL time. Our sins no longer count against us. So i am sorry, but I disagree with you. John 16:8-10 tells us that the Holy Spirits job is to convict UNBELIEVERS of their sin, and convict believers of their righteousness ( since our sins are no longer counting against us). So the HS is always telling us…. ‘this is not who you are now’ ( when we sin) you NOW are the righteousness of Christ. That ‘s his job. And in that aspect he counsels, trains, corrects – always in love and never reminds us of our sin.

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