Hey You Doubters (ie Hey Human Beings!)

When you doubt what it true – that God exists and is good and people are basically good and life is important and good and that everything turns out OK in the end – that just means that you cannot concieve of a way to reconcile what you are seeing with all those things you’ve been told to believe in.  Which is completely understandable given the lives most of us are walking through.  But all that means is that your imagination isn’t big enough yet.  Jesus said, “eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has planned for those who love him.”  (And scripture says that if we love each other we love God, so whether you think of it this way or not, if you are trying to love another human being, you are trying to love God as well.) 

If your imagination isn’t big enough to imagine how the world around you can be reconciled with a loving God and a good creation (ourselves especially), then all that means is that you shot your arrow (basically used your imagination) and it landed short of the target.  The Hebrews called this “het” or “chet” (look it up).  All of us suffer  from chet to some extent or another.  It happens.  Just know somewhere in your heart or head that our lack of imagination doens’t change reality.  There really is a God who is good and loving and this creation – ourselves in particular – are good and it really does work out in the end.  So if you’ve shot your arrow in the past and it came up short of the target, just reload and keep on trying.  If you don’t quit, you will find that in time, you get closer and closer to the target!

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