Beautiful Things

Now for something totally different.  I love beautiful things and I have a favorite artist I’d like to pass along to y’all.  Her name is Natasha Wescoat.  She first gained attention for her “Trees” series of paintings.  Recently, she has been drawing and painting beautiful women, children and different creatures – often for illustrations she is working.  Her work is often described as “whimsical” pop art, but it’s like superior, top-quality, non-cheesy pop art.

Not only do I enjoy her art, but she’s building a name and a business for herself her own way.  Her work is affordable and she sells directly to her fans rather than just waiting for some critic or corporate taste-maker to put their stamp of approval on her work.  And that appeals to me as well.  (If you like her work, the best way to see it regularly and have a chance to buy it is to follow her on facebook.)

At any rate, I just wanted to clue y’all into something that makes me happy.

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