Why Moms Like Wine So Much!

This article about decision fatigue gives a very interesting account of how we make decisions and why making a decision can be so mentally tiring.  I’m glad to see it because the one thing that my kids do which is more likely to make me blow a gasket than anything else is ask questions from morning to night:

“Can you make pancakes for breakfast?”

“Can you tell Collin to go outside and play with me?”

“Can we go to the beach today?  How about the Science Museum?”

“Can I come with you to the store?”

“Do I have to pick up the living room right now?  Can’t I wait until my show is done?”

“Can I get a new mp3 player?  Mine broke.”

“Can I go over to a friend’s house?”

“Can we have desert tonight?”

“Can I help you make dinner?”

“Can I have a snack before bed?”

“Will you read this book to me?”

Just on and on and on they ask question after question after question.  Which means I’m making decision after decision after decision.  Now wonder I’m tired at the end of the day!  My mom says she just started saying “no” to every question without stopping to think about it.  I can see why.

3 thoughts on “Why Moms Like Wine So Much!

  1. Stupid method! Stop being such a lazy ass mom. Have the wine if it helps you listen to the kid ( and also because wine is just outright amazing), but saying no for no reason? Not much of a mommy figure then…Just saying.

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