My husband can’t afford me!

I did a little research about the going rate for the services I provide for a family our size in the area I live in and I also looked at Denver Concierge’s affordable maid service to have a comparison.  So, here’s my version of one of those “how much does it cost to replace a stay-at-home-mom?” lists that comes out every year around Mother’s Day:

Full time, live in nanny: $600/week for up to 50 hours.  $18/hr for additional hours or weekends
Personal cook: $250/week
Housekeeping – 18 hours/week: $300/week
Laundry service – 25 loads/week: $100/week
Lifecoach/therapist services for children – approx 5 hrs/week: $350/week
Personal Assistant approx 8 hours/week: $100/week
Tutoring – approx 4 hours/week: $100/week
Cost to hire people to replace mom: $1800/week or $243,600/year.   Of course, if I were making almost $250K a year, I might feel obliged to cut back on the time I spend on the internet.  I might even be prodded into giving a rip about the Bush tax cuts expiring!  But I don’t get paid that way.  But I’d still say that I’m a bargain! And if I, or any other mom, wanted a new washer and dryer for Mother’s Day (hint, hint), it would be a wise decision to make that purchase without flilnching, don’t ya think?
(And for the record – all respect to the working mom.  I don’t know how you do it all!)

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