Anyone know a difficult person?

Or perhaps you are the difficult person.  Most likely both have some truth in our individual lives.  It seems like everything that could be said about dealing with difficult people has been said, but this article on the notion of “Invalidation” as a tool frequently used by difficult people is really well done, imo. 

I’m afraid I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been SICK as a dog!  Blegh.  Hopefully I’ll recover soon and back to posting more often.  In the meantime, poke around – there’s a lot of stuff on the blog from the past that you might find interesting.

2 thoughts on “Anyone know a difficult person?

  1. Yep, it’s true I can be pretty difficult. But in my defense, that’s only in regards to people that are difficult to me first. I guess since I bottle things up on multiple occasions, I end up turning extremely passive aggressive on whoever is really bothering me. Making us both difficult. But like in math, two negatives make a positive… right?

  2. I found this place accidentally-well ,almost- I typed in “my yoke” – and there you were ! I wanted to understand the verse and your interpretation helped me so much! I actually got a lump in my throat going down the list of things you wrote that God asked others to do-(excellent examples) I am usually happy and Jesus usually brings me peace in my heart but today I was not 100% okay and I whined when I prayed…God why can’t I have this,.. why can’t it be this way,..or why can’t you make me like this…etc. Perhaps on of His angels came to help and led me here because now I feel so much better and the tightness in my chest (anxiety) is easing off . THANK YOU and God bless!!! No more wimpy!wimpy!wimpy! today , by golly! I will visit this place more often!

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