May Wonders Never Cease

Last night my oldest son Noah announced to his little brother, “you can use the computer all day tomorrow. I’m going to be busy working on writing my story.” As of right now, I think he has 5 pages written in his notebook. This is my child who HATES writing more than just about anything. If I get him to put a pen to paper, except to do math more than once a week it’s been a heavy-duty week of homeschooling for him.

But he has a story which apparently he’s spent a lot of time thinking about in his head and now he’s busy putting it down. I haven’t read it, but from the glimpses I’ve gotten, it appears that he’s actually spelling most thing correctly and has even put in some punctuation. He’s still having some trouble with the capitalization thing, but I’m just impressed that he’s actually writing!

Who would have thought – Noah writing pages and pages. What’s next? My 9 year old son offering to clean the kitchen?

One thought on “May Wonders Never Cease

  1. OK, Noah and my daughter Imogen are weirdly on the same wavelength: she actually took out her Writing Strands and Rod and Staff English books today to help her write a story aimed, she tells me, at “four to seven years olds,” and thus including animals in the plot. This from a child with ADD and OCD who has been allergic to writing for as long as I can remember, who has resisted the attainment of correct spelling and punctuation since day 1 of homeschooling, who would rather ram bamboo spikes under her fingernails than acknowledge the younger generation. Maybe there’s hope.

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