My potty training baby

You know how your grandma told you that all of her children were potty trained by 13 months?  And you know how although you don’t believe her for a minute, somewhere in the back of your head you hope that it’s actually true?  Because it gives you some delusional hope that maybe your baby will be out of diapers before they can talk.  Well, it’s not 13 months, but I may have gotten my baby who is potty trained long before sane people normally get the job done.

My daughter Sophia has decided to imitate her big sister and start using the toilet.  I’d say she’s getting there about 60% of the time over the last few days.  The thing is she’s not quite 2.  Her birthday is this Sat, so it’s not far off, but still.

We’re happy about this.  Because potty trained children are good. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My potty training baby

  1. If it will make you feel better, I can tell you about the time my then 3 year old son ground poop into the carpet and toys in the play area at Kinkos. (Note, do not put mostly potty trained boys in boxer shorts. It’s a really, really bad idea.)

  2. Kudos! At the age of three our 1st child pooped in a public park in Evanston, IL. At the same age our 2nd enjoyed decorating the carpet in the same manner. Our 3rd potty trained herself at around 2 and never looked back. MY grandmother swears that she had all her children potty trained by 9 months…. How is that even possible???

  3. My second daughter was two months shy of her second birthday, when she figured it out. We couldn’t get her to use the little plastic toddler potty we kept for her at home. No. We were in Ireland at a nice hotel with an astonishing new contraption in the bathroom that she had never seen before. It was a bidet. She promptly began using it for potty.

    Sometimes inspiration comes from odd places.


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