This morning I drove my husband into work.  We stopped for gas and while pumping the gas, the man in the car next to us got out of his car and came over to my husband.  He gave him two bottles of water and said, “I’m on my way to the airport and I won’t need these.  Would you like them?”  My husband took them and we drove off thinking how odd that was.  About 10 minutes later, the heat gauge on the car began creeping dangerously high.  We pulled over and my husband determined that the coolant was low.  We had no water in the car when we left that morning, but thanks to a stranger at the gas station, we now had two bottles of water which went into the radiator of the car.  We were able to make it to my husband’s work with no further problems.

The problem I always have with just saying, “see?  God looks out for us” is that if we give Him credit for odd events that go well, it begs the question of where He is when things don’t go well.  I suppose He has reasons for each.  I’m just glad that this morning He didn’t want us broken down on the side of the road.

2 thoughts on “Providence?

  1. Wow, it’s great when things like that happen! I have the same difficulty with attributing stuff like that to direct divine intervention. I read a book for children once that posited that “God loved you so much, He picked out your parents just for you.” Or something along those lines. I immediately thought of children born into abusive and hateful homes. Did God not love those children as much? Did He put them there on purpose? I dunno. I think God’s interactions with us must be more subtle or more…. something. It’s a toughie.

  2. I think His true relationship with us is beyond our ability to comprehend. The closest we can get is to know that God is good and that he loves us, simplistic as that sounds.

    Anyone read Little Town on the Prairie lately? Right before Mary goes off to the college for the blind, she and Laura are taking a walk and talking and Mary says, “I don’t think it matters so much whether we are good or not. What matters is that God is good.” I’m paraphrasing slightly, but it really is a profound thought.

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