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Yesterday I came across a personality test which I haven’t seen before. It’s called the Enneagram Personality Test and it’s been around in one form or another for over a hundred years. I’ve taken a number of personality tests in the past, but this one actually freaked me out. It gets into how you actually think and why you behave the way you do. I’m a type 5, which is apparently the same as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. Fortunately, I think I’m pretty safe in the healthy end of my personality type because I’m pretty sure that Ted Kaczynski is an example of an unhealthy 5. :p I wouldn’t say everything about this personality type fit me perfectly, but it got the essence of the rather odd way that I view the world so spot on that it was really weird. It even got a big chunk of the dynamics between myself and my family of origin correct.

You can take the sample test here (it’s short less than 10 minutes to take). I would love to hear from people what their type is.

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  1. Here’s a funny thing — I went through the enneagram years ago when I was first married (1993) and came out as a strong 4. Taking it again today, I am equally a 1 and a 2…. Now does this imply that personality is not a particularly stable thing but can be modified by life circumstances or the work of God? Or that this short test isn’t so accurate? There’s a great book on the enneagram out there somewhere by Sister someone or other, which goes into a fair amount of detail about the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type, which I found helpful: particularly the kinds of besetting sins each was particularly prone to. All a bit vague now as it was long ago I read it. Interesting.


  2. Well, my results weren’t quite as clear. I got the highest score as 6, “the loyalist”, but 1, 5 and 9 were very close runners up, all with the same score. In reading the descriptions I can see parts of my personality in all of those — 6, 1 and 5 about equally, with 9 being the *least* like me of the four. Maybe I’d have to take the longer test to get more clear results.

    Interestingly, I often get split results when I take personality tests. Perhaps I have split personality? ;o) One reason is that I react kind of differently to different areas of life. I’m kind of mystical in my religious life — comfortable with ambiguity and paradox . Yet I’m research/fact-based in most of the rest of my life. I’m also practical almost to a fault. (e.g. I have a vegetable garden rather than a flower garden because you can’t eat flowers, so what’s the point in all that work?) So I’m often torn between answers that seem to be opposite, but for me depend on the circumstance.

  3. I remember hearing about this test years ago, but never had a chance to take it.

    I LOVE personality tests – maybe that’s part of my personality type.

    Anyway, the short test says I’m a 3, with a 4-wing – “The Professional”.

    Sounds about right.

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