Oh, Grow Up Already!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I feel the need to let any men out there who are in need of medication for an enlarged prostrate gland or ED, YOU ARE FULL GROWN MEN!  I know this will come as a shock to some people, judging from all the commercials for various geriatric medications which insist on calling men “guys”.  “Do what a lot of guys have already done and talk to your doctor about Levitra!”

No, please, do what a lot of MEN have already done and relinquish the “guy” moniker to the under 30 set where it belongs.

I know I’m being petty, but really isn’t this just indicative of exactly what is wrong with our culture – we glorify the immature and infantile?  How about glorifying the wisdom that comes with age?  Call me crazy, but this might be a bit more useful than trying to pass off a 60 year old man as a “guy”.

And while we’re at it, can I just ask if we can get old man to come sucker punch Dennis Hopper on those Ameriprise commercials?  I will put up a box of Viagra for the first man to run out, deck Dennis Hopper and leave.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Grow Up Already!

  1. Exactly! Guys were their hats backwards and hold farting exhibitions. Men…well, you know. And yeah- a pie in the face to Dennis Hopper.

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