Can I just say . . .

that of all the crap which has come out of people’s mouths regarding the Wright-Obama connection, there is one which takes the cake for stupid dishonesty.  That is the claim that Obama’s relationship with Wright is particularly relevant to the conversation because we just don’t know much about Obama and we need to look for information where we can get it.  I’m surprised the people peddling this crap can still reach the end of their sniveling noses with a hankie.

If someone wanted to know more about Obama, wouldn’t they , you know, do some research into his positions (hint: they’re liberal), look at his voting record (hint: liberal, democrat), read his books (hint: smart, thoughtful, liberal), talk to people who went to school with and worked with him (hint: universally liked)?  I mean the idea that we just have NO IDEA what Obama’s really like so it’s only natural that we would look at who he’s friends with to discern what has been so artfully hidden from our eyes is nothing but a dishonest, disingenuous lie.

One thought on “Can I just say . . .

  1. I agree with your insight. I believe people are looking for a way not to elect Obama after realizing that he may actually be the Democratic Canidate. Since the race card has been inserted into the race the idea of this Black Man running the country can be an uncomfortable thought to many Americans. People are afraid of saying these things but may change their vote when November gets here.


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