What’s dumber than a gorilla with a bunch of bananas?

A school administrator, of course! I think they perform lobotomies on students in school administration programs. A school outside of Chicago suspended 11 students for taking part in a senior prank where a kid dressed like a gorilla chased 10 classmates dressed like bananas through the halls. From the story:

Senior Andrew Leinonen, who will study criminal justice at Carthage College this fall, wanted to do something that wouldn’t damage property or hurt anyone, while still being hilarious.

“What’s funnier than a gorilla chasing bananas through a school? Nothing,” Leinonen said. “It was a harmless prank.”

Leinonen — who played the role of the gorilla — went on a recruiting mission, quickly finding 10 guys willing to pay $30 for a banana costume. The group drew up a plan and picked a route. They planned to wear black pantyhose on their heads to remain anonymous, and even planned for escape vehicles.

The boys entered the school’s main entrance around noon last Thursday and made their way through the English and science hallways before running into a crowded lunch room and then out a back door. All the while they flailed their arms and yelled “Seniors ’08.”

Under the rules covering “serious pranks”. The boys were given a 7 day suspension. Kids fighting in the halls get a 5 day suspension. I know that as a tax paying parent, I’m so flipping glad that the geniuses running our schools know how to protect children from the grave dangers posed by humor. Did I mention that school administrators score lower on the GRE than almost any other profession?

This goes straight into my file of stories I look at when I need a reminder about why we homeschool.

HT: Joanne Jacobs

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  1. I trust the “zero brains” tag applies to the school administration. What do they do if kids vandalize or steal from the school, graduate them summa cum laude? Seven days for a prank that harmed no one, five for fighting in the hall, two for carrying a gun? I knew there was a reason I never had children.

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