Homeschooling Blahs

I don’t know what’s going on lately, but I’ve had the hardest time getting motivated to do school work with the kids. Instead of them complaining, I’m the one going, “But I don’t want to do algebra! Do we really have to do biology? Can’t I wait to do the times tables with you?” Sigh.

Of course, for some reason, this time of year tends to be a bit wearing on me. It’s the interminable wait for spring, I suppose. Any other long-time homeschool moms who’ve had to work past the point where you’re the one who doesn’t want to do school?

BTW, don’t you love this picture? It’s one of my favorites, but I’m too lazy to look up its title and artist at the moment and my mind’s drawing a blank, so anyone who would like to leave the info in the comments section would be a god or goddess to me 🙂 It really has nothing to do with anything, but I put “tired teacher” into google images and this is one of the pictures which came up. Funny.

Update: It has come to me!  The painting is called Flaming June and was painted by Victorian painter Fredric Leighton.  ‘Cause I know the masses were just dying to know that ;p

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Blahs

  1. I just started homeschooling recently, but boy I can’t wait for a break! I do let those tests and assignments slip when I don’t feel like looking them over…

  2. It’s OK not to do school for a while. You won’t implode. Maybe consider learning in other, more invigorating ways. Such as traveling, going to museums, hands-on activities, going to a play or a seminar, spending a week reading at the library, etc.

    Taking an approach of learning through enthusiasm doesn’t exclude workbooks, but it allows us not to be trapped by school books. Why let them take over our life? Life isn’t about school books. Life is for living. If they are dragging us down, they they aren’t a healthy way to learn, and it’s going to have a low effort vs. reward ratio.

    Now, if the kids are excited about schoolwork, and mom isn’t… let the kids take over! And consider that time for you to find YOU. You need to know who you are as a person before you can have a full enough tank to help your kids find who they are.

    Good luck!

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