Planned Parenthood CARES about black people!

This is perversely funny.  Anyone who knows anything about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger knows that she has a reputation as a committed racist eugenicist.  This is probably not an accurate assessment, but she lived in a time when eugenics was common and arguments against eugenics were used against her even in her day.  (Not that I’m a fan of Planned Parenthood, just that I don’t think we need to resort to distorting the truth in order to support our causes.)

At any rate, whatever the motivations of Ms. Sanger, the organization which she left behind has committed itself to sexual anarchy and abortion.  And apparently they’ve also soaked up the idea that Margaret Sanger wanted to kill off the black race so when someone channeling the spirit of the mythological Ms. Sanger calls Planned Parenthood, they are always happy to join in on the racial eugenics fun.   A conservative student newspaper in California decided to see what the response would be if they called various Planned Parenthood branches and offered to make donations specifically to be used for the killing of unborn black babies because, “we just think, you know, the less black kids out there, the better.”  I don’t know if it’s shocking, but the offers were met with re-assurances that their concerns were “understandable” and that they would be quite happy to put the money to that purpose.  You can read the manuscript at the link above.

So far the student newspaper has released the transcript of phone calls to Planned Parenthood centers in Ohio and Idaho which have lax laws regarding secretly taping conversations.  They are sitting on tapes of several other phone calls while they see how the legal situation works out on the first two.

I’m sure this will be splashed all over the news, just like the Don Imus thing was.  I’m also sure that I’ll find a bag with money on my seat when I stand up.

HT: Le Shawn Barber


3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood CARES about black people!

  1. In fairness to planned parenthood (as much as I hate to defend them), they would probably have said the same response if you wanted to donate money to eradicate some other group, be it poor white folks, promiscuous teens, or fruit flies. They aren’t obligated, I beleive to actually earmark the funds in a certain way.

    On the other hand, my guess would be now, they have a firm policy on it.


  2. Perhaps Sanger was a racist, but there are many of us out here who are NOT racists and who support the work of Planned Parenthood.

    When I was a broke college student, I would not have had access to birth control if it had not been for planned parenthood and many of the docs and nurses I saw were Black and Asian.

    Perhaps the newspaper made up the responses to suit their agendas.

    We ALL need to look at the dwindling resources on this planet and realize that limiting one’s family via low-cost birth control is a very good idea. Planned Parenthood provides that for women of all colors.


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