The Anti-Christ, Revealed

Yesterday my husband was watching a History Channel show on the anti-Christ. Part way through the show, they were saying that people thought that the anti-Christ would be a powerful, charismatic orator who would experience a rapid rise to power while appearing to offer peace, unity and freedom to his fervent followers. At which point my husband turned to me and said, “Oh my gosh! Barack Obama is the anti-Christ!”

Hmmmm . . . 😉

8 thoughts on “The Anti-Christ, Revealed

  1. Yeah right!!!! That is just stupid!!! Skull and bones , illuminati ,freemasonry ,George Bush and the new world order!! These are from satan!!


  2. Americas and yhe EU:s whole world politics is based on satanism! And the rebublicans and democrats are all the same. they just fools you people!! Dont trust `em!!


  3. Interesting that you mention this. I recently witnessed a conversation where this idea (i.e., Obama = the anti-christ) was being discussed as a reasonable, serious proposition.

    Niven’s Laws strike again.


  4. Please don’t spread this vicious statement. Don’t assume because he WAS a muslim and he IS black that he is the anti-christ. I guess in your little world, everyone that’s not like you is the anti-christ or his followers. What would you do if Jesus returned and was black? Would you just go ahead and jump into the lake of fire?


  5. I didn’t notice anything being mentioned by ANYONE about skin color (or did I miss something?) The color of a persons skin has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they might be the antichrist. However, these charicteristics which were mentioned above, strongly suggest that Obama could be the one: “powerful, charismatic orator who would experience a rapid rise to power while appearing to offer peace, unity and freedom to his fervent followers.” There is nothing about “muslim or skin color” in this description. I’m so sick of the race card being played when there is absolutely no basis for it!


  6. OK, people. First of all, for the record, I am married to an African American man who was Muslim for the first 9 years of his life. So, count that concern as unfounded.

    Second of all – this is a JOKE. You know – ha ha. he he. ho ho. Funny. Y’all are familiar with jokes, are you not? Perhaps in your little worlds such things do not exist. Now, go buy a good joke book and then find something productive to do with your lives.


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