Ricki Lake did something I won’t do . . .

Normally I trend a little towards the crunchy end of life. I make bread from scratch. I garden. I breast fed all four of my children, including my youngest who is still nursing. I wore them in slings around town. I homeschool.  But there are just some places I won’t go. I don’t own a pair of sweats and only wear comfortable shoes when I’m mowing the lawn. I actually have a hair style and have to replace my lipstick more than once every couple of years. And as much as I’d like to think that I’m the sort of counter-cultural “it’s all natural and good” sort who would be able to give birth at home, that just ain’t ever happened and ain’t ever going to happen. I tried to consider it, I really did. But all I could think was, “what a mess. Why the heck would I want that mess in my house? Don’t they know who has to clean up around here?”

By all appearances, Ricki Lake feels quite differently about it than I do. (Of course she probably has the money to pay someone to clean her house!) She’s just made a movie taking on the “birthing industry”. It follows her through her second pregnancy as she considers and eventually chooses to give birth at home. Apparently, homebirthing is far more common in other developed countries than it is here in the states. According to Wikipedia only .6% of births in America take place at home compared to Denmark where 80% of women give birth at home. That hurts my crunchy little heart – we’re losing! I don’t want to do it, but if Ricki (who looks HOT, BTW) can start a trend, good for her.




4 thoughts on “Ricki Lake did something I won’t do . . .

  1. I’ve had two home births, and they’re actually not that messy. And the midwives clean it up! 🙂 My second birth was in the bathroom, so the linoleum cleaned up *very* easily. Really, all there was to it was to toss the towels in the washing machine. Nothing worse than that. I bled more w/my first, and dripped a little on the carpet when I was walking from the birth tub to my bed, but a little hydrogen peroxide cleaned it up easily.


  2. Right there with you on the homebirths. Actually one of my favorite parts of my girls’ hospital births was that there was this wonderful place called “the nursery” where experienced baby-nurses would watch my newborn while I slept in the essentially public space hospital rooms are. (man, that’s an awful sentence)

    I can’t figure out how “rooming in” was ever sold as a positive for mothers.

  3. Then there’s always the middle road — a free standing birth center! That’s what I did with my most recent baby last fall. It was great, even given the lack of pain relief which was no easy thing, believe me! I had my first two in a hospital, and the birth center was a much nicer environment. I’m not sure I’d want to be at home either. Maybe, but I like the pampering I got at the birth center and even at the hospital to a lesser extent.

    I’m looking forward to the movie. It’s next in my Netflix cue.


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