“My yoke is easy and my burden is light . . .”

Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.  Matthew 11:28-30

This is one of these verses which sounds nice and for a while you can take comfort in it.  Until things really just get pushed too far and you realize that you have no idea what the blazes it’s supposed to mean and it doesn’t even seem to be true as far as you can see.  What is Jesus’ yoke anyways?  If we say it’s living in obedience to God as Jesus did, then we’re even more up the creek without a paddle.  Anyone who has actually devoted themselves to following God’s instructions will figure out in pretty short order that God is forever asking people to do things which are hard, if not practically impossible.  Look at scriptures:

Abraham, leave your home and your family.  I’ll tell you where you’re going later, but just go now.

David, take a small rock and go kill that giant.

Hosea, marry that woman who’s going to cuckold you and redeem her with your love.  Make sure every knows about your humiliation so they see a model of my Love for them too.

Jesus, give up your glory to live among the fallen then let yourself be tortured and killed.  

Paul, you just keep on preaching until they kill you.  And when you’re whipped bloody and imprisoned, be sure to count it all glory.

God’s ways are many things, but easy and light don’t really fit the bill.  So what is Jesus talking about here?

I think that I’ve figured it out.  This is going to take a minute, but stick with me here.

The first thing we need to know is that one of the greatest lies the world tells us is that a good life, and perhaps especially a good Christian life, is having safe, respected, comfortable, hopefully prosperous lives.  But over and over in scriptures we see that God calls people to live recklessly in following Him.  God never guarantees our safety or comfort or even respectability.  Instead He asks us to give up absolutely everything in order to follow where He leads.

One of my favorite verses of scriptures is where Jesus says, “seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”  (Matthew 6:33)  To me this means that we are called to do what God asks us to do regardless of the cost and trust that God will cover you.  Know that your kids would suffer in daycare?  Then have a parent home to raise them and trust that God will cover you.  Know God wants you to help someone who needs money to get their car fixed?  Then give them your savings and trust that God will cover you.  Know that God has called you to live in an impoverished neighborhood?  Then move there and trust God to cover you.  Seek first God’s kingdom.  Always and in all things, regardless of the cost.  Because God will cover you.

Now, the problem is that inevitably, there is a cost.  There is suffering involved.  Sometimes it seems like God’s not doing His part.  There’s not enough money to pay the bills.  Your car breaks down.  Your new neighborhood is dangerous and unwelcoming.  And you begin to think that maybe you’ve just been foolish.  God isn’t really going to cover you.  He wants you to use good judgement and take care of yourself, not do foolish, reckless things.  After all, you’ll find more than enough good Christians who will tell you just that.

This is, I think where Jesus’ yoke comes in.  Just a couple of verses before the famous yoke verse, Jesus prays to his Father, “I praise you Father, lord of heaven and earth because you have . . . revealed [these things] to little children.” (Matthew 11:25)  It comes down to a child-like trust.  This is Jesus’ yoke.  Even in the midst of disaster, we can trust that God is in charge, that He has a purpose for what is happening.  Or if it is an attack of the enemy that He will aid us in the battle so that we can overcome.  So you trust.  You don’t despair, you don’t curse God or your lot.  If you allow the Holy Spirit to work, you will even find that the fruits of the spirit continue to grow.  Instead of anxiety, there is this joy and peace.

And then you begin to wonder if you are crazy.  It doesn’t help that people keep coming up to you with sad puppy eyes to ask in tones usually used for those suffering from dementia, “how are you doing?”

“Fine,” you reply with a smile.

“No really.  It must be so hard.  It’s OK not to hide behind a strong face all the time.”

“Um, well I have my moments, but really, I’m doing well.  I’m just trusting God, I guess.”

“Of course.  Well, if you ever need to talk . . .” and they pat your hand and walk away.

(That’s a best case scenario.  At worst, they do like a good friend of mine once did and say, “stop feeding me a bull s**t sandwich – of course you’re not OK!”)

So you begin to wonder.  “I thought I was OK.  Actually, I’m pretty happy.  Maybe I am just kidding myself.  Maybe I’m subjecting myself to some weird form of self-induced brainwashing and really I should be majorly depressed and planning a trip to the doctor for some happy pills.  What if it’s not really God and I’m just CRAZY?  Ahhhhhhh!”  Or at least that’s what you say to yourself if you’re me.

See, we struggle with the yoke because it is easy and light.  We’re like oxen who have been trained up under too much weight- always having to lean into it, tug and pull and huff and puff at the exertion of carrying this heavy yoke.  And then Jesus comes along and gives us His yoke.  But it just feels wrong.  It’s so easy and light.  It can’t be right.  So a lot of us go back to our old, heavy yokes.  They’re painful, but at least they feel like they fit.

And then all of us Christians who have taken back our yokes (if we ever actually took them off to begin with – most don’t), sit up at night and worry just like everyone else.  And we live just like everyone else, because God can’t really think I’d be able to go there or do that – He knows what an unreasonable burden it would be.   That’s for saints and missionaries, not for everyday Christians like me who are just trying not to get into trouble.

And this is exactly how we lose our saltiness.  Then we wonder that Christianity is seen as fit for nothing more than to be trampled underfoot.  But Jesus’ yoke is easy.  His burden is light.  That’s a good thing to, because there’s no way we can go to the crazy places God wants to send us carrying our own yokes.   We just have to be willing to trade our worry and sorrow for peace and joy.  Give up our safety and respectability for gentleness and humility.  And trust that God will cover us.  And He will.

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 8:38-39. 

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  1. Fantastic, Rebecca.

    God is at work, right now, in the heart(s) of your husband’s future employer. Do not be discouraged, God will honor your husband’s diligence.

    “The heart of a king is like a river of water in God’s hand to do with as He pleases.” (Proverbs, somewhere.)

  2. I liked what you said about Christianty being hard it is so true today somedays are burdens are so bad all we can do is say help God.
    Another prayer I like is God help me to do your will today and throughout my lifetime.
    When things are really tough I try to imagine my self in front of the cross jesus died on and all I can say is, help, it gets me to sleep in tough times.
    I love the song you never promised me a rose garden.

  3. Every so often, I come out of my shell and read other’s blogs here on wordpress. I enjoy this and should do it more often. I have really enjoyed your post today. It is a good reminder of how clearly and absolutely we should rely completely on the Lord. And you’re right, all to often we don’t. Thank you for writing what is on your heart…

  4. Rebecca,

    Came over from the crunchy cons blog. Great thoughts and I think you nailed it.

    In times of suffering and sacrifice in makes NO sense for the yoke to be easy and the burden to be light but I guess that’s why it’s the upside down world, right?

  5. I’m new here and haven’t gotten around to exploring very much. I randomly clicked on your post and was so pleasantly rewarded. I relate completely to what you’ve written. I’ve felt and thought everything you’ve spoken of. I felt I could have written it myself. Thank you for reinforcing what I already know; that He is there, and we are covered.

    Wonderful post.

    God bless.

  6. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light…Matthew 11:28-30 seems like foolishness. For 60 years now, I know that when I travel life with Jesus, I travel light. I see this in Mathew 11: 28-30. In my life, when the going gets rough, I remember this verse and, sure enough, Jesus lifts me up and carries me through. In times of adversity I have always tried to witness for Jesus. When I do, it is like being hitched to a star, the yoke not only is easy, the burden is not only light, but I become filled with peace and joy. Having peace and joy inside in times of adversity is awesome and does not make sense from the world’s point of view but Jesus also said the He came to confound the wise. 1st Corinthians 1:25 says “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” Having peace and joy in times of adversity seems foolish, but, in kingdom of God, it turns out to be wisdom! – John Oltesvig, joltesvig@yahoo.com, Carthage, NC, May 12, 2008

  7. Hi there, I’m Fiona from Wales, UK, and I just googled the verse Rebecca wrote about because I’m speaking on this subject tomorrow in my church family service. Your words are so right, so moving, and I hope you won’t mind that I will use some of what I’ve read, both by Rebecca and by those who’ve responded, in my talk tomorrow.

    My church is just a little country church with a very ordinary, mostly elderly congregation. But they each have their burdens to bear – a partner with Alztheimers, a daughter dying of cancer, an autistic child. And some simply have the burden of themselves to bear – we all do – the burden of our own sinful humanity.

    But isn’t Jesus wonderful? He promises that we can give Him these burdens and He will carry them for us – in reality, He has already carried them, on the cross of Calvary. And yes, He does give us a different burden to carry, but when we trust Him, doesn’t it always somehow turn out right? And what a joy when we follow the path and look back over the years (which may not have been easy) and see that He was right? It is truly the case that “in His presence is fulness of joy”.

    So when we moved to Argentina for six years, I suffered, but I suffered with purpose. After a couple of years, my Spanish was good enough to allow me to take a Sunday School in the ‘villas’ of Buenos Aires. And though it cost at times, the joy that came every week after being with those children made the yoke feel very light!

    For many years I bore the burden of my husband’s lack of faith, but I kept praying and I kept trusting in His plan, and now he has come to Christ too. We both bear our light burden together – and oh, how much lighter it feels when we share it together!

    Thank you for your words, and God bless you,


  8. It’s 1:30am. I just happened upon this post after a search for “burden is light.”

    I am a 34-year old husband of an amazing and beautiful wife and father of three awesome kids. I was recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, though I’ve suffered with it for a number of years.

    I don’t even know why I’m commenting here other than to say thank you for your words. About 30 minutes ago, I was sitting in my living room, weeping, talking to God and listing off all the things that I can’t carry anymore. And Matthew 11 came to mind…

    I got this vision of my youngest son. Sometimes when we’re cleaning up, I’ll tell him to pick up something that I know he can’t even begin to carry. To which he responds in true two-year old dialect, “Too big!” And then I reach down with one hand and pick up something that’s so heavy he can barely budge it but I can usually snag it with a few fingers and carry it with all the other stuff I’m picking up.

    And I think I’m beginning to understand how Father allows us to see how heavy things are sometimes, then smiles and takes it for us. He doesn’t always take it away, but he takes care of it for us.

    So, while I hope and pray that the fatigue and the pain and the anxiety will go away, I have to remember that those are things that are far to heavy for me to carry, but Father just reaches down and grabs it up…and, to Him, it’s nothing.

  9. Gospel
    Mt 11:28-30

    Jesus said to the crowds:
    “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
    and I will give you rest.
    Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
    for I am meek and humble of heart;
    and you will find rest for yourselves.
    For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

    How wonderful is our Lord to offer this unto us? Really. I am never not amazed by God’s grace and love for all of us! There is not one person in this world who is not labored and burdened. If just for one day all people took his yoke, it would be heaven. That’s what I’m looking forward to! I am looking to become meek and humble of heart every day I live.

    Thanks you for writing this and thank you all for commenting. At 7:16 am this morning, I am now prepared to go fight the war against evil and succeed with these words of wisdom.

    God Bless you all and have a lovely CHRISTmas!

  10. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, as was my father before me. I have terrible mental confusion and fear of death that haunts me, even when I make chicken on a grill and cooked it “butterfly” fashion recently. I had cut it and flipped it open and saw angel wings, which frightened me terribly and later had an anxiety attack, which is also part of the disease.

    But now, in the middle of writing to a dear and close Native American friend whom I have helped in her time of loss, and who now helps me in return, I wished I had a Bible to find the words my mother once sent to me in a time of crisis from a book by Dale Carnegie “The Power of Positive Thinking”. I remembered the part of the phrase …”my burden is light” and it led me here now.

    Thank you for being here.

  11. Hi everyone,

    my name is Jeffrey and I’m a 23 year old from Toronto, Canada.

    As many of you did I stumped upon this blog because I was searching for this passage since I’ll be going into a church retreat tomorrow leading worship and devotion.

    it puts a smile on my face to see how everyone here appreciates Rebecca’s post, because like you all said, life is hard and we often don’t see the beautiful side of things.

    I was going to write a comment about the hard times I’ve been through, but after reading all of your comments I’ve come to realize that, hey, what’s been happening to me is no big deal, because God will always be there to take care of us.

    thank you for reminding me how comforting his grace is and how loved I am by him, the feeling of knowing all the tough times, all the challenges ahead of me are placed there because God allows them makes me think of one thing: God trusts that I will be able to get pass all these things, my God believes in me so much that he is able to let go and let me go through all this on my own; and when I fail, he’ll be there to catch me =]

    thanks again.

  12. Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

    I was in the hospital with a medical condition. The doctors said I was “fine” . I received a spiritual card that had the verse from Matthew in it. I was able to researched my medical problem online and then found the actual problem that I had, and two new doctors actually confirmed my aliment. I know that it was God that gave me the skills to find this information. That was several years ago. A few days ago, I was going thru one of those “tough days” that we all have. I prayed to God to give me help me get theu this perticular day… which I did. Upon driving home, the verse from Matthew popped into my head.. and at that point I have not thought about it for a while… I will now think about the verse for the rest of my life.

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    Googled “my yoke is easy” for a talk I’m giving in DR Congo next week and your blog entry came up. One of my key tests for Theology is that it has to work both in Canada, where I live, and in the post-war communities, where I work. Thanks for writing with insight and good theology! I’m going to use your example in my talk. I’ll be blogging at http://www.healingstreamsblog.wordpress.com.

  14. I like what you are saying, and I think you hit on a key point of coming to God like a child. I think that besides the faith in God relationship, the yoke pertains to the way of God vs. the way of the world. Just as much as concern for earthly riches burdens the heart, hatred and jealousy do as well. It seems intuitive to realize that coming to God as a child is removing our pride, falling flat on our face at His feet, without reservation and with an open heart.

  15. I’m giving a chapel message at my school on this passage today. Thanks for the insight you’ve added to my thoughts.

    His yoke IS easy, He did all the work of Salvation, we do nothing, but because we love Him we do all He asks, of course this is difficult, unless we trust Him.

    Well said!

  16. Thank you spool much for this. I have been feeling so stressed out by some of the things God has been saying. I thought that there must be something wrong with my yoke because it did not feel easy at all. I need to trust God more and give up my need for acceptance. We are as sheep among wolves, but my Father will ensure that I am not destroyed (spiritually) by their plans. Thanks a million for the encouragemt, I’ll see you up there!

  17. Just searched for the “yoke is light” verse and found your post. I can so relate with this post and just shared a link to it in my blog. Thank you for writing!!!

  18. Amen! God is so good! This is just the word I needed for my situation right now. I have had a difficult weekend with my husband abusing me and I have so much peace and joy in the midst of this storm. This word only confirms, what the Lord spoke to me in my spirit this morning. I thank God for his word!

  19. Here’s a Poem Called ” My Royal Family”

    With your word you have set me free,
    Ignited my spirit, like you, I strive to be.
    Free! no ties , no lies, binding me.
    By your mercy, your grace, at last I can see.

    Your yoke hangs gently around my neck,
    easy and light, just like you had said.
    If not by you, then who? This I can not fathom,
    I belong to you, this is not random.

    By choice?… My choice?… How can this be?
    Wasn’t it He, who chose to save me.

    Mercy and grace, given abundantly.
    Eternally grateful for adopting me.

    From that day forward, I awake Free.
    No longer enslaved by powers other than thee.

    Royal garments, I now own.
    By my Father Given , who covers skin and bone.

    I Pick up My Scepter! On goes my Royal Robe!
    My Fathers the king, I now sit by His throne.

    First born yes! That is me,
    First born of His Royal family.

    By: Giovanni

  20. Thanks for this post Rebecca! I totally get this now. One of my choir members, questioned the, lyric to a song we just sang, “It Ain’t Over Until God Says Its Over.” The 1st verse says, He never said it would be easy, but you’re a winner in the end. Then he quoted this scripture which prompted me to google and I found your post.

    God never said this life would be easy, but it is so easy to love, and trust him, if believe in him. Then the Holy Spirit comforts us through our struggles and we can praise our way through and witness to others of his goodness, grace and salvation. Paul did this over and over when he was
    in prisoned for teaching and witnessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  21. Any one that says Christian life is hard is allowing the Devil to use them and doesn’t know the God they serve. Jesus Christ told us His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is the truth. All heavy burdens come from the Devil.

    Put on your Spiritual Eyes and if you don’t have a spiritual eyes pray and ask Jesus Christ to give it to you through the Holy Spirit. Solomon told us God adds no sorrow to His blessings.

    For your Spiritual life to be easy and light has how Jesus Christ describe it you have to know who is the Devil. Do you actually think that our Heavenly Father was talking to a snake in the Garden of Eden. He was talking to the Spirit of Luicifer. Do you think when Jesus Christ told us that we have authority to tread on scorpions and snakes He was talking about the natural scorpions and snakes. Know who the enemy is and then your Christian Life will be as what Jesus Christ said.

    There is no lies in Jesus Christ. Put on your Spiritual Eyes and start reading back the bible from Genesis one. This is my challenge to you. You can get me at ksurrina.com after you start seeing what I have told you here. The enemy is not a snake he is a spiritual being and so he is an enemy of Christ Kingdom he is also a enemy of you. Know this and start living your life as the child that God sees in you.

    Declare to the Devil that this soul is not one for him. Jesus Christ yoke is easy and indeed it is light when you know who you are and what your Spirituality represent. Hugs and blessings

  22. Hi I’m peter from singapore,

    I have been a kidney patient for over 3 years now and dialyse 3 times a week each time for 4 hours.
    This is really my burden and I accept it as my cross and the meaning only sinks in after I’ve experienced changes in my life.
    I’ve been able to organise my work, my family time, my hobbies around the dialysis schedule. That’s a lot to be thankfull for to be able to live normally.

    Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

  23. Hi I’m Rich from Tampa,

    I too stumbled upon this blog by accident and found the words comforting. The world tells us what we should be, what we need to do for our families, what makes us good fathers and mothers. Well, sometimes we fail at meeting the worlds standards. Sometimes we don’t make enough money or send our kids to the right camps. Sometimes we make mistakes with our money or we have regrets about choices we have made. Life is difficult when we look only at our performance in our roles- it is a heavy yoke. No matter what the circumstances may be we always have God to turn to. Following Jesus does not require a College degree- or a large income. Following Jesus is not about becoming a “who’s who” and it does not require perfection. It requires a willingness- a willingness to try and to learn and to admitt defeat. Life kicked my butt and I need God. Thanks for your blog- it is excellent.

  24. thanks for this blog! I just realized now that I am not alone here on earth- physically.. I have you and the rest of the saints through out the globe!

    1 Peter 5:9: “Resist him, standing firm in faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

    We are on the last days and God will pour out His spirit on us. We may think or feels that something strange is happening to us. In some point thinking that we are out of mind. But God is perfecting our faith and making us into His likeness to fulfill His purpose in us.Strangeness is what we feel as we are getting rid off our physical self (our sinful nature) and being transformed into God’s likeness holiness and righteousness through Jesus Christ!

    For flesh/sinful nature cannot agree with our spirit or vice versa. “abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.”

    God bless you! And Thank you for the revelation you have posted!

  25. Thank you for your post. I recently moved far from home for nursing school and it has been the most stressful time of my life. Aside from the intensive curriculum, not having my family around hurts. I have been able to be strong but lately everything in me seems to be drying up. This helped me. I will seek my rest in God instead of constantly pursuing and striving.

  26. OOps! I commented in the wrong section earlier ! It was meant to be here! I should have scolled down to see! Now I get it!! God bless everyone and Rebecca!

  27. Something that I found recently that I thought everyone might find interesting (though it certainly doesn’t change what everyone has already said about the verse): “yoke” is common in Jewish literature as a metaphor for the Torah (Jewish law) or an interpretation of that law. Jesus was Jewish and would have known this. He is asking us to submit to his laws, because they aren’t burdensome like the laws and rules of the pharisees.

    “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?”
    This is the greatest and foremost commandment.
    The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’
    On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

    Matthew 22:36-40

    Love God, Love people

  28. Your post on burdens has blessed me tremendously. I can relate to every example you gave. One minute I’ve given Him my burden, the next minute i’m taking it back, because it seems like i’m being ridiculous and I need to “help” God in my situation. God was speaking to my heart through this post and I’m going to “really”cast my cares upon Him lol!!. Thank you for letting the Lord use you.


  29. WOW!!! You sure do have God in your life. And i know how you feel, you know, Sometimes i wonder if I am just CRAZY, But even if I am and all the anti-Christ are right, at least i didn’t live for nothing. Mickey Mouse may be your god and DisneyLand may be your heaven, but it still ain’t right. You have a blessed day Rebecca.

  30. Love this post. I too found it by searching for the bible verse and I think your explanation of it is incredible. My wife has told me she loves me, but isn’t in love with me and doesn’t think she ever was and so is seeking a divorce.

    After much “gnashing of teeth” I turned my marriage over to God and the peace that has come from that is incredible.

    For me the hypothetical conversation was the real kicker. I’ve had that almost word for word half a dozen times now, reading it here I was torn between laughing and crying.

  31. i have been contemplating this verse. i wonder about some of the thinking here. what if our “enemies” are also Christians? how does God cover both ends then? i think this verse has nothing to do with anyone else or external circumstances. I think his yoke is our obligation to honor our true, holy, spiritual nature. it is natural and “easy” to do this. while there is the connotation that burden is negative and the differences in terms of weight, i got that burden means more so what i am carrying/offering is pure light, lightness of being, in tune with our true nature.

  32. I stumbled into this site because I am in a difficult situation and decided to see if there was anything that would help me to understand what it means that God’s burden is light. During times like these, those are only words. When I suffer I didn’t think of praying to God because I thought suffering was the only way He strengthened me so I should just trust Him and keep my mouth shut. Because of this, I’ve felt despair and hopelessness. I never realized that I should quit trying to understand the feelings related to hard times or I will never get past despair and anxiety. I also learned that it is easy for me to keep taking back my yolk because it is more comfortable, no matter how uncomfortable it really is. Hopefully next time I will accept the Lord’s yolk when I relate being strengthened to despair and hopelessness. He says in Proverbs13:12 , ” hope deferred makes the heart sick.” In other words, why would the Lord “keep us working in the hardest of gyms without even a glass of water”
    Thank you for your replies

  33. Wow! I was just googling “my yoke is easy” and came across your blog. This is awesome, and gave me some things to share with a friend who is going through an unbelievably difficult situation. Thank you so much! Praise Him for your service!

  34. Isaiah 58:6
    Isn’t the fast I choose:
    To break the chains of wickedness,
    to untie the ropes of the yoke,
    to set the oppressed free,
    and to tear off every yoke? Holman Christian Standard Bible

    Good spiritual food to make us strong.
    Thank you for the feast!

  35. This was really refreshing to read, thanks for sharing honestly! I’ve wrestled with these verses also. I used to think and teach (wrongly) that Jesus’ yoke was pious works and obedience. As you point out, that is not true.

    Jesus is saying that you won’t find such rest for your soul in spiritual disciplines (what audience ever had more spiritual disciplines than the Jews present that day?). You won’t find it in your good works or in your faithful obedience. You won’t find rest for your soul in doing more good work. In essence, Jesus is saying to the Jewish audience, “stop” doing all your religious and pious activity and “take” My yoke upon you. In other words, if you want to know God, if you are tired of your weary and burdened religious life, you have to look at gentle and humble Jesus and learn Jesus from Scripture.

    For example, Jeremiah 6 seems to have several parallels to Matthew 11. Especially Jeremiah 6:16 “This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.'”

    It is through trusting Jesus and accepting His grace that we not only find salvation, we find life (and yes, it is indeed a life upside down!).

  36. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog. It gave some insight that I had not thought about. We don’t usually want to think about serving God will require something of us. Great job! Enjoyed reading.

  37. I’ve always believed in launching out first, then God will show up. Like in crossing the Red Sea. But, as you said, there must be trust in Him, or we will definately sink. I am in a place presently where He is beckoning me to do just that. Only knowing how much He loves me helps me do that more and more. I must say I am living a pretty safe life now,but don’t really feel that is where He wants me to be. So, I am on this journey of learning to let Him love me how He loves me, and with that perfect love received, I know that it will cast out all fear.

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