Perfect election scenario

We are very conflicted over this year’s election.  On one hand, we’d really like Obama to win the nomination and the election, because we think it would be good for the nation.  It would go a long way towards healing some of the distrust and anger between black and white America if we can demonstrate that we are willing to elect a black man as president.  Given the depth of the divide and distrust between black and white America, this would be no small thing.  However, this would mean having a liberal president over the next four years, which I am not thrilled with.  Particularly since we are one Justice away from a Supreme Court who sees it’s responsibility as to interpret what the constitution says rather than to help it grow into a document more to liberals’ liking.  With so many justices being so old, this seems like a bad time to risk having a liberal president.

If Obama got the nomination and lost, this would be a negative thing for the country as well.  It would be very hard for an Obama loss to be seen as anything other than America’s refusal to elect a black man, at least in the eyes of many African Americans.  Because I think that the rift between black America and white America is very important, I think this would have a disastrous long term impact.

However, I think I have figured out how all of this can work out for the good from the perspective of someone who is both conservative and very concerned with race relations in America.  What I would love to see happen is for the Democrats to nominate Hillary Clinton, who would inevitably lose in a land-slide to John McCain.  This has the added advantage of placing the blame for not electing a black man on the democrats who vote in the primaries rather than on America as a whole.  Once John McCain has served a term, and hopefully nominated a decent Supreme Court Justice or two to the bench, he will be too old to be viable for another 4 years.  At that point, Obama can go for the Democratic nomination again, run and win.

See- if someone would just put me in charge of everything we’d come out just fine.  🙂  IJS!

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