Unpopular Public Schools in Nevada

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently ran an article about a survey of parents in Nevada and their attitudes towards the state’s public education system.  This is crazy:

Just 11 percent of Nevada residents who responded to a recent survey on educational issues said they would send their children to public school if they had the freedom to choose any available option . . . 48 percent, would choose a private school, 23 percent would select a charter school and 15 percent would opt for home schooling. Three percent chose a virtual school for their children.”

Just 11% would send their kids to public schools?  I would LOVE to see this survey done on a national level.

According to this information 95% of kids in Nevada are enrolled in the public school systems.  Which means that about 84% of the student population is being sent by parents who would prefer to send their kids elsewhere – so why don’t more of them do it?  I know, I know, people say they have no choice.  I have no doubt that some people have no choice.  But 84%?  Come on!

This brings to mind a conversation I had with my 8 year old son today about the meaning of integrity.  Integrity, I told him is when what you think, what you say and what you actually do are all in line with each other.   It’s really easy to say that you think something is important.  It’s not even that hard in your head and heart that something is important.  However, it takes real integrity (which comes from strength of character) to do the hard work it takes to live up to easy words.

I certainly do not mean to judge or demean all of people who apparently are sending their kids to public schools against their will.  However, it pushes credulity to think that it would be impossible for a good number of them to make other arrangements for their children’s education.  IMO, this is as good an example of how common it is for us to think that saying and thinking the right things are a good stand-in for actually being willing to make the sacrifices needed to do the right things.

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