I love Little Bear

One of the joys of having my two daughters is being able to watch Little Bear on Noggin with them.  Somehow, I completely missed Little Bear with my sons, which is a shame.  It is such a wonderful show – like the classical music of the cartoon world.  It’s literature for the preschool set.  This was one of the stories I watched with my girls this morning.  Spoil yourself and take 5 minutes to watch it; you’ll feel better when it’s done.

After watching this with my daughters this morning, a show called “WaWa Wubzy” came on Noggin.  I had never seen it before and with any luck I’ll never see it again.  Talk about a study in contrasts – the drawing was awful, there were arm pit fart jokes, lots of running around and bad pop music in the background.  Ugh.  So don’t watch wawa wubzy.  Watch Little Bear.

If you don’t get Noggin, you can get a dvd of the show here.  Of course books are always great as well.  But this is one of the only cases where I’d say that reading the books, but not seeing the show is choosing the lesser path.

Before you go, just because I like you, grab a cup of coffee and watch Little Bear dance under the Harvest Moon (no, really, do it!):

5 thoughts on “I love Little Bear

  1. We love little bear too. I have to admit we watch Wow Wow Wubzy from time to time too, though I never noticed armpit fart jokes. The music is annoying, you got me there. My main criteria for choosing kids’ shows are that the characters need to treat each other kindly and the writers need to treat their audience like they aren’t dimwits. My oldest had a habit of copying the most powerful character on a show, and a 3 year old who likes to be “Swiper” at the park is not a good thing.

  2. Just saw this post, so this comment is few months late. We’re big Little Bear fans around this part. He’s so sweet. And Moonlight Serenade is my favourite episode; my 3 year old daughter loves Goblin Night the best. We’re even having a Harvest Moon party this year with a special screening and a moonlit dance. Should be fun!

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