Hmmmmm . . .

Over the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that God is probably at work in our world much more than we modern sophisticates realize.  The ancients had no problem declaring that an event which effected groups of people and nations – natural or man made – was God’s hand at work.  Today we may acknowledge God at work in individual lives, but to see God’s hand at play in the events of nations is just to presumptuous for most of us to even consider.  And yet . . . isn’t it presumptuous to rule out the possibility of God’s judgement or providence in events as well?

At any rate, what brought this to mind was this story about a bill brought up in the British House of Commons calling for severing church and state in Great Britain.  Through chance (?) it was brought up for consideration under the number 666.  This seems a bit much for mere coincidence.  IJS.

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