Ups and downs

Someone seems to have erased all the cookies on our computer and it took me 2 days to remember my user name and password for blogger – so I’ve had an extra long break from blogging. I’ve had some really big ups and really big downs in the past week and a half. However, dwelling on the ups is almost always better for a gal than dwelling on the downs. Soooooo . . . let me share a couple of “good mom” moments I’ve been hanging onto to even out the down moments.

My 7 year old has been having a hard time getting to sleep since we moved into a new house a couple months ago and I sometimes pray with/over him to try and help settle him and calm him (and to call in the re-inforcements for help!). A couple of days ago he came and asked me to pray with him to help him get to sleep. As always as part of my prayer, I asked God to help me be a good mother to my son. When we finished Collin put his arms around my neck and said, “you don’t need to ask for any help being a good mom for me, Mom.” That’s only because I ask all the time I responded 🙂

I’ve never actually made my 11 year old study history because he wasn’t interested and I figured we can always study it all in high school anyway. However we have had some talks about various historical events and dynamics. I never know how much he’s listening, however and know that I can kill curiosity by giving too much information at the least sign of interest. So you can imagine my delight when Noah explained the relationship between Hitler and Stalin in WWII, how the USSR ended up with half of Germany and Berlin, what the differences between a communist/socialist system and a democratic/capitalist system were and why the Berlin Wall was built when his father casually mentioned something about WWII. I guess that lesson stuck after all.

Noah used the word “non sequitur” in a conversation last week. The poor child’s never going to be able to communicate with anyone outside of our family! 🙂

Collin, who has struggled with controlling his emotional outbursts has kept his cool pretty well for the last couple of weeks. When I mentioned that I had noticed this, he responded, “I just keep remembering that conversation where you explained about big things and little things and I tell myself ‘this is just a little thing’ and then I don’t get upset over it.”

Noah has always struggled with fidgeting and focus so when his karate teacher told him he could move into a more advanced class only if he could stop fidgeting and start paying attention, I wasn’t surprised. I suggested some mental exercises he could use to harness his excess energy to his benefit in class (it had something to do with visualizing the urge to move as a color, storing it and releasing it with his movements while visualizing calming energies moving in as the energy was released. I don’t really remember, I was kind of pulling it out of my belly button at the time.) He’s done fine and has moved up a belt since then, but I had actually forgotten telling him this. However, the other day after class he mentioned using this technique (whatever it was) and how it’s really helped him.

My kids have always been a little extra challenging and rarely seem to pay attention to what I say or even to the punishments which are doled out as a consequence of their refusal to listen to what I say (like clean your room, stop running, don’t jump off the furniture, go to bed, etc), so it’s always surprising and gratifying when something I say actually makes an impression on them.
So there are my “good mom” moments for the week. I hope your days are filled with such moments as well.

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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    I found this post on your blog –

    You claim that children should be kept a long way from paedophiles. I know that a lot of people agree with you, but as a paedophile, I obviously disagree. I don’t think that we should be allowed to have sex with children, but I believe that simply spending time with children, without engaging in any form of sexual activity, does not cause any harm.

    You also need to realize that there are millions of paedophiles in the US. It’s not possible to keep your children away from people who are attracted to them, because there are so many of us. Most of us are terrified to come out and fight against persecution, so you only hear the voices of activists and those who get arrested for committing crimes. A large proportion of us teach, do social work, volunteer for organizations which allow us to work with children. This isn’t in order to molest children, rather it allows us to spend time with children, without being treated like child molesters.

    The news always quotes the extremes, because extreme stories get good ratings and greater revenue. What you don’t see is the millions of people who are attracted to children who don’t molest, who live regular lives and who don’t represent a risk to children.

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