Technology only a man could love

When my hubby told me about BMW’s new technology which allows a car to park itself, I was pretty impressed. Until I read about how it actually worked. Turns out this technology only works if you’re parking your car in the garage. And you have to stand next to the car and hold down buttons on the key fob while the car parks it’s self. Hmmmm . . . How very useful. I know plenty of people hate parallel parking or having to drive around a parking garage looking for a spot or even fitting their car into a tiny spot in a parking lot. I can’t say, however, that I’ve ever heard anyone say, “I wish there was a way I could get out of my car by the garage door and stand there holding buttons down while it parked itself. Having to actually pilot the darn thing into the garage just drives me nuts!” I suppose if you were one of those people who either runs the car into the back wall or leaves the tail end hanging out, such a device might be useful, but I’m thinking hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling would be cheaper.
Now if they really wanted to make something useful, they’d put in bottons which allowed you to smack an obnoxious child in the back of the head remotely while driving. HaHa – just kidding. That’d be silly – a fly swatter on the front seat works just fine! I’m just kidding. Really. ;p

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