Homeschooling at work!

In our house when one of my boys does something particularly boneheaded, my darling, ever helpful hubby will often sarcastically remark “Homeschooling, eh?” Yesterday my 11 year old gave a truly spectacular demonstration of the superior results of homeschooling while filling out a form. First he didn’t capitalize his last name, then he spelled homeschool “homeskooll”, then he started to spell his guitar teacher Steve’s name with a lower case “s”. I finally took the pen from him when he corrected himself by writing a capital “S” – backwards.
Of course the real problem is that my ADD child was trying to look at all the posters on the wall, listen in on my conversation with his choir director and watch paper being fed into the laser printer on the table next to him all at the same time. Anyone else out there homeschooling an ADD kid without the aid of drugs? Any hints?
In the meantime, let’s all say it together: “Homeschooling, eh?”

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