I’m Back!

Well, OK, so a “few days” turned into 3 months, but I was real busy, ya know. We moved into a new house on April 30th which is far enough out of town that we can’t get cable or DSL and our old computer is so rickety that we couldn’t even get the CD Rom to read an AOL start-up disk. (Donations in support of replacing said computer may be sent to my paypal account.) With everything else going on, I decided that going off-line for a while might not be such a bad idea anyhow. I suffered from minor withdrawal for a couple of weeks, but with a rapidly progressing (and sometimes difficult) pregnancy, a house to unpack and arrange, 3 kids to care for and a husband in New Orleans for several months, I had other things to do. But now the baby has been born (Sophia Rebecca b July 5, 9 lbs 9 oz, 22″), the house is unpacked, (but still in need of more decorating and furniture – donations for the purchase of which can also be sent to the paypal account mentioned above), a husband at home and a pilfered laptop, I think I’m ready to to return. So aside from acting as a 24 hour dairy queen for the new princess, I just have nothing else to do besides share my fascinating take on whatever piques my interest. Besides, I wouldn’t be the first woman to type one-handed while breastfeeding – would I?

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