Help needed: building a website

My 10 year old wants to make a website about dragons and I need help in getting him started. I’m afraid I just don’t even know how to start this and would appreciate any resources/instructions you might be able to offer. Mostly, I’d like him to be able to work on this pretty independantly. Like I said, I haven’t the foggiest notion of how to start and everytime I’ve tried to learn I get about 2 sentences in to where they say something like “HTML is a language used to . . . ” and it looks like “HTML bonk bleep gubble gorp blech . . .” to me! If anyone knows of something to help us out, please either leave a comment or e-mail me at Thanks!

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  1. Hi Rebecca – if you’d like your child can correspond with my child/children. They have both taught themselves to build websites and my daughter Abby has taught herself quite a bit of HTML. She’s helped me out on my blogs and website with code. And she too likes dragons an awful lot! I think year before last the count of websites she had built was something like 23 (but I am not sure how many are still up). Do drop me a line if you’d like some help.

  2. My 10-year-old son started a website at tripod. It was very easy to figure out and he’s uploaded pictures, changed backgrounds, etc. That was a great way for him to start. He’s starting to learn about HTML now and will soon start to build his own pages.

    I also had a book recommended called A Kid’s Guide to Creating Web Pages for Home and School by Benjamin Selfridge.

    Good luck!

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