"generation 9/11"

Over at the Phi Beta Con blog on National Review Online, Guy Benson who is a student at Northwestern University recounts a very interesting anecdote:
In a literature class last month, one of my professors asked our class to think of a moment or event that most defined our generation. The very first response from a student was, “9-11.” The professor was caught off-guard. “I hadn’t thought of that,” she admitted. “How many of you would have said 9-11?”Almost every hand in the room shot up.
Perhaps I’m just looking at things through rose-colored glasses, but it seems to me that more and more pressure is building on academia as a result of out-of-control tuition increases, lefty-professors and a concern over quality. I think that this sort of disconnect between the cloistered world of professors and the rest of the universe may well prove to be their undoing. If you are not aware that 9-11 is the defining event of the last 20 years, then you are already obsolete and irrelevant. What is left for the rest of us is to figure out ways to usher this generation of moribund, immoral unseeing folk out the door. Then again, perhaps what’s funny is that I see the undoing of academia as a good thing!

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