Afghan Man Facing Death for Converting to Christianity

Perhaps you have seen this story about an Afghani man who is facing death in Afghan government courts for converting to Christianity. I’m sorry, but I really think this is the point where we need to tell the Afghani government that either they need to join the modern world and learn to play nicely with others or we’re taking our cash and soldiers and going home. If they can’t handle themselves without our assistance, well, we always have long range bombers on hand to help keep them in the stone age where they apparently feel most comfortable. I know, I’m not being very nice here, but if I was a mother who lost a child fighting for this country, I would be furious. There is no way our men and women should be away from their families facing injury and dying so that this sort of thing can go on. I’m also not one to write off diplomacy, but there are some things which I think we should make clear simply are not open for negotiations. This is one of them. Plus, if we turn a blind eye to this sort of thing in Afghanistan, is there any doubt that religious fascists in Iraq will seek to set up their own oppressive government with our money and blood?
If President Bush isn’t willing to take a hard line on this, it’s time for the congress to grow some cajones and threaten to cut off funding for our activities in Afghanistan.

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