More on Public policy and Families

There’s an article up on The Weekly Standard called “Indentured Families” which I found very interesting. It outlines several prime examples of how the GOP, while being miles above the Democratic Party on many things, is hardly the champion of the family it is too often allowed to portray itself as. It gives examples of 3 specific policies which hurt families but because of specific business interests, are supported (or even championed by the Republican Party). I think the 3 examples it gives are both excellent and an illustration of the fact that one need not be talking about creating new government programs or entitlements in order to support families. The policies mentioned are the really terrible bankruptcy bill passed last year, the child care tax credit and the federal student loan program. My only quibble with the piece is that they fail to point out that our unacceptably high bankruptcy rate is directly linked to another family problem the GOP refuses to take constructive action on: health care costs (and here).
I find it encouraging that a prominent conservative magazine like the Weekly Standard has taken to addressing these sorts of issues. I also think it’s high time we start pressuring the Republican Party to take actions which help families rather than letting them get away with just slapping a family friendly face on any old thing they do.

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