If you’re happy and you know it . . . perhaps you’re a SAM

Another one for the destruction of radical feminism by reality files: an exhaustive study by two sociologists at the University of Virginia has found that women who stay home with the kids rate themselves as happier with their lives than wives who work outside the home. This held true for both religious women who may see traditional gender roles as ideal and women who hold very progressive, feminist ideals. The study also found that people who believe that marriage is a life long commitment have happier marriages than people who think that people should divorce if they fall out of love.
I do understand that there were definite problems in society that the feminist movement and the sexual revolution tapped into. However, rather than tweaking and working within frameworks that did fit, too many people decided to “throw the baby out with the bath water” and turn society upside down entirely. While it’s nice to see so many recent studies which have confirmed traditional ideas of marriage, family, sexuality and gender, when one thinks of the serious damage which has been wrecked on people’s lives by the breakdown of families and traditional morals, it’s hard to feel smug. All the children growing up in poverty without fathers, all the young people coping with the humiliation and potentially life altering effects of STD’s, all the people broken by broken marriages and on and on.
This is why it’s so important not to allow our children to be sucked into the vicious, soul-destroying culture we live in and the lies which undergird it. If you have kids who are old enough to read, print out an article like this and give it to him or her to read. Equip them defend themselves against those who like the “feminist” I wrote about last week who would have them toss out their God-given desires to fit some crazy utopian vision which has wrecked such damage on so many souls. Like I said, it’s nice that research is disproving much of the nonsense we have been fed for the last couple of generations, but let’s not allow another generation to suffer through the sort of hardships and sorrows this nonsense has wrought before it all sinks in.

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  1. I’d just like to point out that when I read your article title – I thought S.A.M. (smart-@** maschoist)

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