And I thought no one was reading my blog!

Over the weekend it appears that this blog was reported to as a spam blog by enough people that their “anti-spam robot” put a lock on it which has prevented me from posting for several days. Gee, what could I have posted that would have caused not one, but several people to behave in such an absurd and immature way? Hmmm . . . Well, I’ll leave it to you to check out the posts below and come to your own conclusions. I will also leave it to you to decide what this says about the dynamics of how certain issues are being discussed in our society. If one can’t defend one’s point of view on the merits, I suppose trying in whatever silly, immature way possible to silence one’s critics will have to suffice.
As for me, I’m guessing it was my post on what a cute baby girl I have – very offensive stuff, you know!

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