"Gay Marriage" News You Haven’t Heard

The French government set up a commission to look at the issue of same sex marriage and issued a report called the “Parliamentary Report on the Family and the Rights of Children” in late January which came down firmly on the side of traditional marriage. Story here and here. The commission held numerous public discussions, listened to a wide variety of opinions and studied the laws and after-affects of changes to marriage in numerous countries and came up with a report which could have been written by the Heritage Foundation or Focus on the Family. In our country the discussion of same sex marriage is often framed in such a way that the only possible reason for opposition to “gay marriage” is said to be homophobia or religious zealotry. Concerns about children are dismissed out of hand as being mere covers for the true motives behind opposition to same sex marriage. However, this report came to its conclusions based on a simple presupposition which gets to the real heart of the issue: “to affirm and protect children’s rights and the primacy of those rights over adults’ aspirations.” In doing this, the commission decided that it “is not possible to think about marriage separately from filiation: the two questions are closely connected, in that marriage is organized around the child. Marriage is not merely the contractual recognition of the love between a couple; it is a framework that imposes rights and duties, and that is designed to provide for the care and harmonious development of the child. (Emphasis mine.)
In conclusionsion of the report, the commission actually went so far as to call laws allowing parentage of children by same sex couples “fictitious filiation by law – two fathers, or two mothers – which is biologically neither real nor plausible.” Can you even imagine what the response would be if a government report actually asserted such a thing here in the US? The report concludes: “Diametrically opposed representations were made by the people heard on this point, and they failed to persuade a majority of the Mission to support recognizing a right to a child or a right to marriage, for same-sex couples. A majority of the Mission does not wish to question the fundamental principles of the law of filiation, which are based on the tripartite unit of ‘a father, a mother, a child’, citing the principle of caution. For that reason, that majority also, logically, chose to deny access to marriage to same-sex couples.”
I don’t know if the conclusions of the commission will hold in the face of popular support for gay marriage in France, but it sure is nice to see a group which can’t possibly be said to be either homophobic or religious zealots come to logical conclusions regarding this issue. What would be even nicer is if in light of the obvious care with which this report was developed and the strength of the arguments, this report was able to influence public thinking on the subject.
Of course, it’s very telling that although the report has been out for over a month, there has been NO discussion of it or even reporting on it in our press. A search for information on the report elicited not a single mainstream media news report on the topic. The only people reporting it seem to be conservative news outlets and the Catholic Church. I must admit that I take allegations of liberal bias in the press with a great big boulder of salt. Actually, it’s one ofonly a few topics which I just don’t have much of an opinion on, but given the coverage that things like the approval of gay marriage in Canada got, this does seem a bit suspicious.


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