NEA having conniptions

Apparently the NEA is having another conniption fit. And this time it’s actually over something remotely related to how teachers do their jobs rather than supporting abortion, anti-war movements, radical feminism and all those other things so critical to making sure the nation’s teachers have what they need to do their jobs well. Apparently John Stossel from 20/20 did a piece called “Stupid in America” that was critical of our government schools, the amount of money being pumped into them with no corresponding results and the monopoly the government has over schooling and funding. So now the NEA is taking off from the important work they do bilking members and supporting left-of-Stalin causes to protest John Stossel. How dare he use facts and logic to criticize a monopoly they’ve worked so hard to secure! Isn’t there some way to bring these people down? This union is a self-contained argument for never putting your child in a government school!
Dad’s Corner has a post about why homeschoolers should care about this nonsense here. Warning: it’s filled with the sort of quotes and information which makes homeschoolers and those who support their right to do what they’re doing want to buy a shotgun, move off the grid and start making their own soap out of animal fat (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).
Thanks to this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling being hosted by HE&OS for directing me to this one.


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