Kids serving the needs of the schools

While I know that there are individual teachers, and perhaps even administrators in the school systems who care deeply about the needs of the students they teach, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the bureaucracy as a whole expect our children to fit their needs rather than the other way around. The examples are legion, but here’s one more: high school kids eating lunch at 10:30 am or earlier. Researchers think this may *gasp in shock* lead to the formation of bad eating habits. Ya think? Of course everyone knows that making a kids eat lunch as much as 8 hours before they can expect to be fed dinner is a bad idea – but hey, schools are crowded, schedules are tight and heck, what are we suppose to do – turn ourselves inside out just so we can act in the best interest of the students? Yeesh!

One thought on “Kids serving the needs of the schools

  1. I agree with you 100%. My children’s last school went in at 8:15am, which meant the children were up by 6:30am. How is this good for children, and how are they supposed to learn that early in the morning when they are still tired. Lunch by 10:30am, as you mentioned in your post, makes no sense at all. We’ve since moved, and now the children don’t have to be to school until 9:15am. The school systems these days have little interest in the children – they are more worried about their budget, and what they can do to make their work day end earlier.

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