Websites about money management for kids

February’s issue of Black Enterprise Magazine has a great list of websites about helping kids learn financial management that I thought I’d share: This Website offers business opportunities to parents and their children who are highly motivated and interested in learning about entrepreneurship. This Website helps young people across the country start youth-led organizations that achieve a lasting benefit for their schools and communities. This Website offers insightful information that introduces young people to the concept of investing. This website contains a wealth of knowledge to help parents teach their kids about money and investing. Helping our children take control of their financial future, this Website offers the basics in banking and credit unions, checking and savings accounts, insurance, credit and investments. This site’s direct objective is to encourage curriculum enrichment to ensure that basic personal financial management skills are attained during grades K-12. This organization provides materials and programs to help schools across the country meet state academic standards in economics, personal finance, and social studies. This is a free online resource that helps kids in grades K-12 discover, explore and gain experience in the world of business. Junior achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life.
Source: Black Enterprise Magazine, February 2006.

BTW Black Enterprise Magazine is a WONDERFUL magazine which is directed towards African Americans but which does such a wonderful job of covering practical financial issues that I highly recommend it to anyone regardless of their race. I find it is especially helpful for anyone who may not have been taught how to build a solid financial foundation while growing up. It covers topics from very basic budgeting, use of credit, etc to starting a business, investing and estate planning. Not getting paid (wish I was), just wanted to pass it on!

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