Scientists disproving ID by unlocking cell secrets

In the “coulda seen that one coming” dept. there’s a report in the Chicago Tribune today about how scientists are unraveling the secrets of the sorts of complex cell designs “intelligent Design” proponents often point to as evidence for their theory. The insistence of IDer’s that some cells are just too complex to have come about through natural processes has always reminded me of the false, but funny story of the guy at the patent office who wanted to close shop in the mid 1800’s because there was nothing more to invent. Just as the man in the story was doomed by his short-sightedness to be proven wrong by the next invention to come along, IDer’s are doomed to be disproven by scientific discoveries. It’s just never a good idea to base an idea on what we don’t know rather than on what we do know.
I’ve never understood the supposed conflict between religion and evolution myself. I always want to know how God was supposed to explain the big bang and evolution to people who had no concept of DNA, germs, atoms and just barely understood how babies were made. Personally, I think he would say, “In the beginning . . .”
To get an idea of how totally ginned-up this “conflict” is, check out this column entitled “The War That Wasn’t” which appeared in the Washington Post awhile back. It’s just a shame that so many well-meaning Christians have bought into an idea which really just discredits our faith rather than strengthening it. What’s really sad is that while I am certain that most people who are creationists are honest in their beliefs, the breath-taking dishonesty of those who produce “creation science” materials reveals them to be liars who are getting rich on this phony conflict. Given the poor state of science education in this country and the number of new discoveries made since most of us left school, it’s very easy for them to present things which they know to be demonstrably false to people as facts without being challenged. Like I said, very sad.
Thankfully, most Christian colleges are honest enough to teach reality so there’s hope for us all yet.
Ok, I have to make dinner now. I hate making dinner. One day, I’d like to be rich enough to eat out all the time or hire a cook or something. These kids just expect to be fed entirely too often πŸ˜›

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Funny, or perhaps ironically, did you on purpose leave two words off at the end of the sentence, when you wrote:

    “Personally, I think he would say, β€œIn the beginning . . .”

    Be it as it may, but certainly not because your take on Genesis, you made me chuckle!!

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