A childcare guru in Britain comes to his senses

Perhaps some tides are changing. This article about a childcare guru in Great Britain changing his mind in favor of keeping young children in their parent’s care is nice to see. Apparently the fact that babies need loving interaction with the same people who will see them through adulthood and the aggressiveness and behavior problems of those children deprived of such care finally got to him. Good for him!
BTW,Why is it that helping to get both parents into the workforce by relieving them of some of the burden of providing care for their children is seen as a perfectly reasonable thing for government to do? Yet doing anything to make it easier for a parent to stay home with the kids (tax credit for stay at home parents or encouraging more flexible work options that would allow parents to be home while still maintaining employment) are seen as not worth pursuing?
Hat tip to Iain Murray at The Corner on the National Review Online

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