To begin . . .

It will probably be a while before anyone actually reads this, but I suppose one must start somewhere. My reasons for starting this blog are several.
First, I just wanted someplace to dump things running through my brain. Like when a 6 year old little boy is pointlessly accused of sexual harassment, I can dump it here rather than wracking my brain to think of who I know who would want to listen to me pontificate over it for 10 minutes.
Secondly, sometimes I have ideas or experiences which I, in my very humble way, think might be worth sharing with other people. Like some of the very interesting conversations I have with my 6 year old about God. Or what I think is the only thing one can do in the face of this upside down world we are living in.
Finally, I am beginning work on what I hope will be a book about how to talk with and influence your children’s thinking about sex and sexuality from preschool through adulthood. I am hoping that as I get this blog going, I might be able to receive feedback or address questions which other parents may have that I might not have thought about.
If you have somehow found this little corner of the blogosphere, I hope you’ll return – even if you don’t agree with everything I have to say. Hopefully this won’t turn into something like the addiction I had for a while to message boards! I’d hate to see my children resort to scrounging for sustenance from under the fridge again 😛 Mostly I hope that this can be a productive space for me, someplace where you can find a different way of seeing things and where you can help me see things I might not see otherwise as well.

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