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    Birth Control, The Catholic Church and HHS

    This is the least frightening picture I've ever seen of General Palpatine, I mean Pope Benedict

    Perhaps you have heard that the Obama administration has decided that they have the duty to force religiously affiliated employers to provide their employees with insurance coverage which includes birth control, the abortion poll and sterilization.  The Catholic Church is preparing for a massive show-down on the matter.  Now, before you say, “they should provide birth control! What right does the church have to force their employees to follow church teachings on such matters”, stop.  Let me make a few points:

    1. Not having insurance coverage for birth control DOES NOT deny anyone access to birth control.  I know, I’ve gone without insurance coverage repeatedly and not once did that have an impact on my ability to procure birth control.  Is it easier when I have insurance coverage? Sure – it means not making a trip to a county clinic or Planned Parenthood (which I thought we were providing tax payer money to in order to meet such needs, but any ways).  But I’d also like insurance coverage with no deductibles which would cover dental.  Dental is a real issue.  Millions of people cannot afford to see a dentist.  I promise you, despite all the “easier access to birth control” rhetoric, there is not a single piece of research which has found that an inability to get birth control is leading to more unplanned pregnancies.  An inability to use it properly, well that’s a whole other matter.  It’s an idea which makes intuitive sense to people who don’t have to deal with such things themselves, but there’s no data to back it up.  There is zero evidence that this is a real problem with serious consequences being attacked here, just an ideological hammer looking for a nail.

    2. Catholic Charities is one of the largest provider of medical and social services in this country (the largest in the world).  Um, maybe we outta say “Thank you” rather than forcing them to shut down just to make a point?  It doesn’t matter if you agree with them Continue reading